About Us

EmmsTechnology (also styled EMMSTECH) is a nonprofit grassroots movement started in October 2018 during a spontaneous Fika between 4 women. 4 women that saw the underrepresentation of Women of colour in the field of Technology and Entrepreneurship and the lack of opportunities created for women of colour, by women of colour.


At this first meeting, EMMS (which stands for the original 4 founders first names: Eleonore, Maryam, Mariana, and Samira) decided to organise our first workshop to bring tech knowledge to WOC. We continued with meetups, courses and more events, offering a variety of WOC speakers and teachers in an aim to empower, educate and uplift women and girls of colour and the diverse, underrepresented communities in tech.


We aim to provide innovative and meaningful content and want to create a shift in the discussion of diversity and inclusion within tech by putting these communities at the centre and creating a conversation with them and not about them.

The Team

In charge to give my team right prerequisites to execute our workshop and events and give best experience to our attendees. Planning and executives broad reach out to companies, form partnership and sponsorship.

Maryam A Arai





My main priority is to create experiences for our community which deepens their learnings, shows representation, and fits their needs. I use my skills to create events and experiences, manage projects and build our community.

Samira Ali Gomes


Events and Production Manager


I am designing educational experiences that bring people together to share their skills and knowledge. I am all about collective intelligence and how to bring smart design for making better-informed decisions. You can ask me about social media strategy, UX research and culture creation. Some topics I love to explore #behaviouraleconomics #incentives #biases #InclusionInFinance

Carmen Beltran

Experience Designer


I'm the Social Media Manager, taking care of our outreach for events and other activities.

Michelle John

Social Media Manager


I enjoy creating design processes with a bonus of visual design. My aim is to create an inclusive, empathetic & collaborative experience that brings out the best in themselves and a broader perspective or possibilities by providing design techniques/ skills.

Shreya Salian

Design Lead

Watch our Co-Founder Samira explain why we focus on Womxn of Colour in her PyCon Sweden 2020 Keynote

The Advisory Board

2019 IT-Girl of the year and Student Ambassador at Microsoft 

Chief People Officer at Rocker 

Developer and Data Scientist, working as a Full-Stack Engineer at Repositive

CEO and Founder of BeautyQlick

Director of Data & Analytics at Warner Music Group


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