Our Facilitators

EMMSTECH has a group of incredible facilitators that help us drive our workshops and make sure that you get the best possible experience from our workshops.

All our facilitators have experience and knowledge in holding workshops and facilitating. Take a look here to see who our facilitators are and learn more about them.

Samira is a Hyper Island alumni with experience in facilitation design and content strategy. She lead the program "Made in Orten", that provides an educational experience within the communication industry to young people of color in Stockholm. Samira is also acting as program manager, making sure all the activities and events are up and running. 

Samira Ali Gomes

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Carmen brings her 10 years of experience working in programs within education and development around the world, for organisations such as the UN, MSF and Nestlé. She is passionate about neuroscience and diversity. As our Experience Designer, she also has specific insight into all of our workshops.

Carmen Beltran


Somit is an experienced facilitator and has worked with EMMSTech since the early days. She has international work experience, having worked at an incubator in New York, and is now Project Manager at SthlmOp. Somit has worked with Diversity and Inclusion for many years, and has a deep understanding for organisational cultures and structures. 

Somit Fessehazion


Anya is a Hyper Island Alumni from the program Business Developer. She has years of experience in sales within large corprorations, and which gives her a good understanding and unique perspective of your company needs, as a facilitator. She also has plenty of facilitation experience, both within and outside of EMMSTech.

Anya Estupiñán

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