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First Community Meet up

Updated: May 14, 2020

4th March 2019 @ Goto10

Panelists: Christine Osazuwa, Qian Lu, Antinéa Mboyo, Farhia Muse and Geysi Domiciano

Sponsors: Goto10 and Internetstiftelsen

After our first event at Goto 10 we were invited by Internetstiftelsen to host an event for their Diversity week. This time we decided to host a meetup for our community and for people who would like to become part! 

We started with a quick game of Intense rock, paper and scissors to have some fun and to remove the tension. After that, we started the panel.

We started with a talk from 3 incredible women in the tech industry; 

Christine Osazuwa, Head of Insights & Data Analytics at Universal Music Sweden,

Qian Lu (Choco) who is a Technical Writer at Combitech AB, and

Antinéa Mboyo, an Application Support Specialist at Snow Software.

These incredible women shared their story about how they got into the tech industry, how they got the jobs that they currently have, and some struggles that they might have faced. After their talks, Farhia Muse a Full-Stack Developer, and Geysi Domiciano a Front-End Developer joined the women for a panel where the crowd asked them about the industry, how to navigate going from one career to another, the fight for inclusivity in Sweden and more. 

The night ended with a mingle session. Thank you to all the people who showed up and supported us!

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