Here we will list some resource links where you can practice. It could be courses Facebook groups etc. but all will be free.
If something became not free since we listed it let us know!

To get Good at something, one needs to Practice!

Some links to the resources which will help you in your growth. The first step at coding!
If something is not listed free  below please Let us know!

A simple visual programming language with tons of tutorials!

Can Machine Learnig Models be racist?

A talk by Tonima Afroze on how Machine Learning can be biased and how to prevent it.

Wonder Dojo resources

Another list of resources to learn coding and practice.


Provides multiple languages (Python, C++ , Java, Ruby and Bash). Structured guides that teach the language and programming concepts.

Learn Python the hard way

Python complete guide. With loads of hands-on exercises!

Automate the boring stuff with Python

A funny but very complete guide to python. Also very hands-on,

Fairness in Machine Learning

Explore and read about fairness and bias in machine learning 

Code Combat

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Don't Fear The Internet

Videos that simply explain HTML and CSS, web design and how to create cool website.


Python, Java, Ruby, JavaScript and much more...


This is a tool that can detect bias and unfairness in machine learning algorithms

Algorithmic Justice League

Join the fight against against biased data and AI  and act now!

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